Chic Design Home is a company that distributes well-known brands in the world of interior design and decor internationally. Our careful selection of brands makes us able to offer professional service, staying involved in the entire product distribution process.

We are currently working with the following brands:

  • Sumisura: a brand focusing on high quality mattresses, exclusive mattresses tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Tisettanta: a contemporary Italian furniture company, founded with the goal of combining the potential of industrial mass production with high quality design.
  • Elam: a kitchen furniture company characterized by its modern and elegant products, which are prized for their quality and durability.
  • Nube: Nube propose a “modern feeling” which combines innovative sofa and table design, high quality originality and true comfort for the selective and demanding customer.
  • Andromeda: Italian manufacturer of handmade glass lamp, passion, design chandeliers, performance and light sculptures.
  • Axil: design and technology for the sleep of everyone, from one of the most historic and prestigious italian sleeping companies.
  • Former: Former, its love towards wood, high qualitative standards and modern design are the reasons of its success.
  • Erba Mobili: Erba mobili, design, personality, functionality, thechnology, avant-gard, obviously made in italy, makes this brand a leader in the world of young system.
  • Yomei: Home office concept, extraordinary pieces of functional furniture “made in germany”. Yomei stands for functionality in design.the young yomei collection has already received an award for its unique combination of form and functionality.
  • Trussardi: Top fashion house for the home.


We work with specialized furniture showrooms, interior design studios, and architecture studios.